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Hello,I’m Kate Yu. I gained my MBA degree at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. With 10 years digital marketing experiences in travel industry, I’m became experienced in digital marketing techniques, included:internet advertising, SEO, website planning, social media, cross-industry co-op and member marketing. I’m also proficient with projects management and communicating with others, I think these skills make me very suitable for the position.

I’d gained a lot experience about website planning during the 2 years I worked in XinXin (now the TravelKing). I was promoted to supervisor of website planning and responsible for website planning and SEO.

I joined Ggogo travel agent as marketing specialist at 2009. The first three years I take the charge of SEM, included projects of SEO and keywords advertising. ​

From day to day advertising data analysis, I have been learning how to craft compelling copy and laid a good foundation for digital advertising.

I also in responsible for optimizing all landing pages by 2011 which lead up to optimizing complete websites as well. The growth rates of organic traffic:

A Major Contributor of Sales Growth

Website Revision

I was promoted to marketing manager at 2012 and  started to took in charge of websites revision projects, included mobile websites and RWD page for air ticket. Through the process of websites revision, I gained a lot experience of how to communicating with engineers and websites designers and monitoring the schedule but still remain flexibility.

Cross Industry Alliance

I enrolled in many cross-industry alliance projects since 2015. I mainly responsible for budget estimating, media purchasing and organization of proposal, and it turns out those projects went well that many partner main long-term cooperation with us.

After full-time mother occupation for one year, I’m back to job market as adigital marketing manager at Free Time Gears, I took the lead of several major projects included E-Commerce Website Revision and migration of Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager which lead to overall e-commerce tracking configuration. In order to reach potential high-end outdoor customers, I’ve in charged of some cross-industry alliance co-op, included co-holds travel lectures with lion travel, sponsor HoodtoCoast road race.

My great passion is all about digital marketing, and I’m eager to learn any new technique to reinforce my insufficiency. I engaged in English study and passed the English qualification exam and obtained TOEIC (880 points) certification last year. I would maintain this tenacity to tackle every obstacle along the way. 

I’m confident that I could integrate different skills of marketing to enhance the performance of your business, and make actual contribution. I look forward to having an opportunity for an interview. Thank you.

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