I'm Kate Yu

Digital Marketer

I have gained marketing experience for 10 years in travel industry. I ’m good at utilizing different mediums strategically and generating precise traffics to boost sales.

Get to Know Me

About Me

I joined Ggogo travel agent as marketing specialist at 2009. The first three years I take the charge of SEM. I was promoted to marketing manager at 2012 and started to took the lead of websites revision projects and cross-industry alliance projects.

After full-time mother occupation for one year, I’m back to job market as a digital marketing manager at Free Time Gear, I took the lead of several major projects included E-Commerce Website Revision and migration of Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager.

My great passion is all about digital marketing,  I think these skills make me very suitable for the position and look forward to having an opportunity for an interview. Thank you.

What I'm Doing


I gained a lot of experiences in both online and offline marketing. Here’s my portfolio.


I took the lead of several website revision projects and gained a lot experience of communication and project management.

Digital Advertising

I in charged of advertising spending and oversee the overall digital ad performance for 6 years.

Social Marketing

I set up the Facebook Fans Page and in charge of Facebook Advertising, and adjusted AD strategy through data analytics.

Search Marketing

I was responsible for optimizing all landing pages which lead up to optimizing whole website that brought significant growth to traffic and sales.

Cross-Industry Alliance

I involved in co-advertising projects in travel industry. And in charged of offline events in outdoor industry.

Video Marketing

I chose different products to make videos, including outdoor apparel、coffee machine and jeans as topics. Click to see my works.



Website Planning
Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics/ Google Tag Manager
Content Curation

Video Marketing

Script Writing

Digital Advertising

Facebook AD
Keywords AD

Social Media Marketing


Offline Marketing

Cross-Industry Alliance
Membership Marketing

Image Editing



Feng Chia University

  • 1999.09-2007.02

International Trade, Bachelor Degree

National Taiwan University Of Science and Technology

  • 2003.09-2005.07

Business Administration, Master Degree

Career Path

Free Time Gears

  • 2019.01-2019.08

Digital Marketing Manager

  • E-commerce website revision
  • Google Tag Manager installment
  • Cross-industry alliance projects
  • Internet AD
  • Member Royalty Program redesign

Ggogo Travel Agent

  • 2009.03-2017.11

Marketing Manager

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Revision Projects
  • Social Media Marketing
  • In charge digital AD serving and budget
  • Cross-industry alliance projects

Xin Xin Travel Agent

  • 2006.09-2008.09

Website Planning 

  • SEO
  • Websites planning

LVMH Perfume & Cosmetics

  • 2006.02-2006.07

Brand Coordinator

  • VIP program management




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